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Dog Biking


$27 per session       Prepay 10 Run Package for $240

We have attachments on our bikes and a proper harness on your dog so that the dog is positioned in the correct place for heeling with a bike.  This allows the dog to run alongside the bike, without being able to get loose or pull the bike over. *Dog’s must have their own harness to bike.   


First, we will practice together in short intervals, with lots of praise and work up to longer distances. Your dog’s foot pads are tender and can shred if the proper precautions are not taken!  It takes a little time to toughen the pads up.  This is why we start with about a ¾ mile and gradually add distance.   The first four sessions are only $19.  During this time we will introduce your dog to the program and keep the distance to a minimum.  Biking sessions thereafter are $27.  Each session lasts 30-45 minutes and includes a pre bike potty period, post bike cool down and plenty of water.