Pet Sitting Services | Fur Pet Care | Full Service Pet Care | Austin, TX
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Pet Sitting Services

Vacation Pet Sitting allows you to keep your pets right where they want to be.  HOME.  With this option your pet sitter gives your pets all of the attention, playtime, dog walks and care they deserve from the comforts of your home.   Time scheduled is devoted to the following:


    • Snugs, Rubs and HUGS!
    • Exercise
    • Playtime
    • Feeding
    • Refreshing and cleaning of water bowls
    • Medications (no extra charge)
    • Maintaining cleanliness of pet areas
    • Taking out trash
    • Rotating lights or curtains as needed
    • Bringing in mail and packages
    • Indoor or outdoor plant watering
    • Let us know if you have a similar request, we are happy to accommodate it!


With dog walking options options of 15, 30, 45 and 60 minutes you can design the perfect package to fit your pets needs.  With the exception of Overnight Pet Sitting, most often we are asked to visit clients twice a day for 30–60 minutes each visit.  As an added bonus your pet sitter will send daily updates via text or email upon request.  Keeping you connected while you are away!

Pet Sitting Rates

  • Quickie

  • Half Hour

  • 45 minutes

  • Full Hour


Overnight Pet Sitting

Overnight Pet Sitting is all inclusive care in your home.  This service provides your pet with the same security and routine they are accustomed to when you are there.  Pet Sitters arrive between 4-6pm for initial check in and dinner.  Your pets will enjoy their regular scheduled meals and playtimes as well as having the comforts of a friend overnight.  In addition to the duties listed above your pet sitter will take care of the morning feeding and walking routines before departing for the day.  When you can’t be there this option is the next best thing!

  • Overnight Rate


Full Service Pet Sitting

Full Service Pet Sitting goes beyond our Overnight Pet Sitting option and packs more fun into your pet’s time!  With three additional dog walks throughout the day your pets will never have to go more than two to three hours without company.  Perfect for those who normally work from home, have puppies, or multi-pet households that need a little extra.

  • Overnight Rate