Pet Sitting

Vacation Pet Sitting allows you to keep your pets right where they want to be. HOME. With this option your pet sitter gives your pets all of the attention, playtime, dog walks and care they deserve from the comforts of your home. As an added bonus your pet sitter will send daily updates via text or email upon request. Keeping you connected while you are away! Get a full report of our time spent including GPS tracking.

Count on us to provide the following during your pet sitting service:

What’s included:

All of your pets, 1 pet sitter, potty, food and water refreshed, plus the above mentioned pet sitting routine. 

What’s included:

All of your pets, 1 pet sitter,  potty, exercise, playtime,  food and water refreshed plus above mentioned pet sitting routine.  Plenty of time to take care of everyone’s needs and maintain the home.

Additional 20 minutes $10

Our Experts

Our pet sitting services include private early morning, mid-day, or late evening visits — perfect for anyone working long hours or traveling away! We take care of your pets while you take care of business. We enjoy entertaining, exercising, and pampering your loved ones.

Meet & Greet:

Before the start of any pet sitting service we will meet with you and your pet for our complimentary Meet & Greet (this is mandatory for any and all services, no exceptions!)
Your meeting should take 20 minutes or less in the comfort of your home (or at our sitters if you opt for our Cage Free Boarding option) where we will have a chance to bond with your furry friend, go over their daily routine, location of supplies as well as answer any and all questions you might have.

During this time we will also discuss your pets scheduled visits, our policies, and collect 2 sets of keys or go over alternate access options. These include garage codes, concierge key check out, or lock box.
In the interest of your pet, they will be assigned 2 sitters — 1 Primary sitter and 1 back up. This ensures that your pet is always cared for should any emergencies or scheduling conflicts arise. During your meet and greet you will meet your primary sitter. Please check out the About Us page to learn more about our team.